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Located just outside metropolitan St. Louis, Price Memorial is surrounded by the natural beauty of wooded areas, valleys and wildlife. Spacious lawns, patios, gardens and other outdoor areas give residents the opportunity to enjoy their peaceful surroundings. Many views from within the hilltop facility are dramatic, providing those who live there with an ever-changing vista as the seasons come and go.


Price Memorial can accommodate 120 men and women. Built thoughtfully on one level, this modern nursing home presents no obstacles -- such as stairs or elevators -- to restrict freedom of movement. Outdoor areas include a large, railed patio that overlooks the hills. And, residents enjoy the open-air courtyard with its fountain and flowering plants.


Price Memorial is licensed by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and is inspected regularly. The nursing home also is a member of the Catholic Health Association of the United States, as well as the Missouri Healthcare Association and the American Healthcare Association. It also is a member of the Missouri Association of Homes for the Aging and the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging.


The facility has fire-detection and prevention systems, as well as resident security systems.



Professional Care

Each resident at Price Memorial receives care under the supervision of a medical director and his or her personal physician, if desired. Nurses and other healthcare professionals work 24 hours a day to meet each resident's individual needs by giving personal attention that is warm and friendly.


Working under physicians' orders, the nursing staff is responsible for the hour-to-hour and day-to-day care of residents. These staff members work continuously to assist residents and make them as comfortable as possible, to monitor their conditions, to give medications ordered by the physician, and to carry out other professional duties. Importantly, they also take the time to know the residents whom they serve -- to understand, respect and support each resident's feelings.


In addition, a variety of specialized services and facilities are used to assist residents in retaining independent lifestyles -- to help them enjoy life to their fullest potential. Physical and hydrotherapy services are provided by a registered physical therapist to rehabilitate and maintain muscles. Speech therapy is available to residents who need help in regaining the ability to communicate orally following such medical problems as stroke.


Keeping active is an important key to enjoying life, and residents at Price Memorial are encouraged to participate in occupational and recreational therapy groups. Residents benefit not only by becoming involved in their individual projects, but also by social interaction, which is an important part of this activity.


Other specialized services available to residents include those rendered by a professional social services counselor who works with both individual residents and their families to overcome problems and plan for the future. Chaplaincy services are available to all who desire them, as are masses and other religious services. Dental and eyecare services are also available, as are medical examination and treatment facilities.


Food service is supervised by a licensed dietician who works with residents' physicians to ensure that special diets are maintained where necessary. Meals are served in a community dining room where residents enjoy each other's company while eating.


The nursing home has a schedule of special events, including birthday parties and other celebrations, picnics, on-site entertainment, as well as outings for shopping and dining.



Personal Comfort

Built around professional, yet compassionate care, Price Memorial offers its residents personal attention designed to enhance their individual abilities to enjoy living.


Residents reside in pleasant surroundings designed to serve their special needs. Attractive lounges provide places where residents often gather to talk, watch television or just enjoy each other's company. Reading rooms, family visiting rooms, terraces and courtyards offer additional space where people can get together.


All residents' rooms are comfortably furnished -- and have independently controlled heating and air conditioning systems. Large windows make each room bright and cheerful while providing some spectacular views of the wooded hills and valleys. Both private and semi-private accommodations are available to suit individual tastes and lifestyles. Many residents bring special personal belongings to help make their rooms familiar and comfortable.


A handsomely appointed community dining room brings many residents together three times daily for their meals. Also designed to serve as a large space for social activities, the dining room is a place where residents find companionship and the opportunity to make friends.


In addition, Price Memorial has a peaceful chapel where residents of all faiths are welcomed for prayer and services. Of course, members of the clergy are welcome to visit their members at any time.


On-site beauty and barber shops, as well as other amenities, also contribute to comfortable and convenient living for residents at Price Memorial.


Additional information on the Brothers' nursing homes can be found by reading "Questions & Answers About Our Facility" and "Who's Who."

The leadership team. From left to right: Brother John Spila, Sandy Kombrink and Brother Bernardo Trosa. Click here for more information.


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