Price Memorial resident Wilfred Kruse and his grandson Timmy released 25 star-shaped balloons to help commemorate the 25th anniversary.

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A Celebration!
Happy Birthday, Price Memorial!


During 2006, a year-long celebration was held to commemorate the Silver Anniversary of Price Memorial. Since its opening in 1981, this facility has made available to its residents more than 17,000,000 million hours of individualized, compassionate care.


The 25th birthday year included a wide variety of special activities and events. Included as part of the commemoration, the following website section was posted and updated throughout the year.


While 2006 has passed, the fond memories of this important occasion continue. The Franciscan Missionary Brothers and the residents they care for thank their many friends and all of those in the community who helped to make it a grand year of special moments.


Highlighted by a cake-cutting ceremony and a balloon release, the 25th anniversary of Price Memorial was celebrated with a birthday party on September 10 -- which also was National Grandparents Day.


Society of Joseph President-Elect Gordon Sulltrop and Society of Josephine's President Diane Ruggeri officially cut and helped serve the cake to residents and the many guests who attended.


"It was a very special occasion," said Brother John Spila, administrator of Price Memorial. "Residents, guests and staff members all enjoyed a happy afternoon, making our 25th birthday a special one indeed. It was made even more special because it was Grandparents Day across the country."

The Sunday afternoon event was opened with a prayer and brief remarks, which noted the history of Price Memorial and the Brothers' service to those in need of special care. In addition to the cake-cutting and balloon release, the party featured live entertainment, prize drawings, and a variety of refreshments.


"As we conclude our celebration of Price Memorial's Silver Anniversary during the last month of 2006, we thank everyone who came to the party -- and everyone in the communities we serve -- for helping to make this a special year " Brother John said.


Twenty-five years ago in 1981, the Franciscan Missionary Brothers opened Price Memorial -- a new nursing home dedicated to serving men and women in need of special care. To help celebrate and commemorate the home's 25th anniversary, a variety of special events will be held throughout 2006. The Brothers invite you to join with them, their residents and employees in making this a special time.



Perspectives on a Silver Anniversary

The following are thoughts expressed by Brother John in a recent newsletter column.


Photos throughout this website section are of residents celebrating a variety of occasions.


For some of us, it sometimes seems not all that long ago that Price Memorial had its origins and opened its doors 25 years ago. From other perspectives, it seems a very long time indeed.


As you may imagine, it was a momentous decision and challenge for a small band of Franciscan Missionary Brothers to undertake the building of a brand-new, state-of-the-art nursing home. Planning for the facility -- from idea to drawing board to construction -- literally encompassed years before the first resident could be welcomed.


Many people have known the Brothers, their work and their facilities for years or decades. Others are, for the first time, coming to know Price Memorial and the services offered here. Each week, we greet the families of prospective residents, and introduce them to the facility with its growing history of compassionate service to those in need of special care.


Though they can be important milestones, anniversaries come and go. This year is the Silver Anniversary for Price Memorial. The Golden Anniversary of St. Joseph's Hill was marked in 1977. Not long ago in 2002, the Franciscan Missionary Brothers observed 75 years with their Diamond Anniversary.


Such timely markers do occur and fade but underlying their passage is an enduring foundation rooted more historically in the Brothers' history, which goes back more than 800 years and the days of St. Francis. Today, our dedication continues as we strive to provide special, compassionate care to those in need. And, to help bring peace of mind to their family members and friends with the knowledge that they constantly receive appropriate care.


How one views an important anniversary has a lot to do with perspective. This year marks the Silver Anniversary for Price Memorial. The Brothers, staff members, residents, responsible parties, members of the Societies who support our work, and people in the community at large -- all will all see it differently.


I think most of us can generally agree, however, that it's a special time -- a time for the happiness and celebration that usually accompanies birthdays. And, the Brothers thank the many people who will help to commemorate this 25th anniversary at Price Memorial.


Prayerfully yours,

Brother John Spila, OSF

Administrator, Price Memorial



The Opening of Price Memorial

Dedicated on September 27, 1981 by Archbishop John L. May, Price Memorial was opened and described as "a warm and friendly home where specialized care is combined with compassion and understanding. A home where peaceful surroundings brighten each day. And, a home where the emphasis is on living."


In his remarks prepared for the dedication and his blessing, Archbishop May commended the Brothers for their devoted efforts that had led to the opening of the facility. Related material of the time provided similar acknowledgments.


"Devoted to preserving the dignity of life for the elderly, the Brothers have worked through the years to create a place where each resident can remain as independent as possible. They have earned a distinguished reputation for service to their community and, today, the Brothers continue in their devotion to providing warm, personal care to the elderly.


"Through this devotion, both residents and their families can find peace of mind in knowing that high-quality care has become a tradition."



17,000,000 Hours and Counting

As testament to the Brothers' dedication to caring for people, Price Memorial has provided the equivalent of more than 17 million hours of attention and service to residents since it was opened in 1981. Residents are provided with specialized, compassionate care on a continuous basis -- any time they need it -- around the clock, seven days a week.


This individualized care and attention are designed to meet the special needs of each man and woman who lives at Price Memorial. In keeping with the Brothers' philosophy, it is intended to help each person live life to his or her fullest potential. And, these efforts by the Brothers and their staff members continue 24 hours a day.


"When you think about it, more than 17 million hours of vigilance and caring forms a tremendously strong foundation for a nursing home like Price Memorial," said Brother Bernardo Trosa, director general of the Franciscan Missionary Brothers.


"Even though we're celebrating the home's 25th anniversary, it's still a relatively young facility in the scheme of things," he said. "And, that's good. It means that Price Memorial -- in addition to its track record and wealth of experience -- it still retains its vitality and an underlying and eager quest to provide compassionate nursing home service to its residents."


"Birthdays are always fun," noted Sandy Kombrink, associate administrator. "Each month, we celebrate residents' birthdays -- which means we have 12 birthday parties every year. During 2006, we'll have yet another one. This time to mark the 25th anniversary of the facility itself.


"We hope that this milestone event will provide a happy time for our residents and all of those associated with Price and the Brothers," she added. "And, it's gratifying to note that -- by the end of this anniversary year -- that 17-million+ figure will have exceeded 18,000,000 hours of responsiveness to our residents' needs.


"Happy birthday, Price Memorial!"


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